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The Legendary Novel of Key West !

Take a whirlwind vacation to tropical Key West. Have a cold margarita, laze by the pool, watch a sunset. Leave all your personal monsters behind. . . If they'll let you.

Key Monster, A Novel of Key West is a very funny Florida crime caper, and a perfect beach book for your next tropical trip. An underground classic and a "must-read" in Key West!

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Key Monster

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Burning Books on Fenwick Street

Also from Lee Dravis . . .

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Benjamin Franklin

An American Novel for the 21st Century

From the author of Key Monster

Imagine a land where a mysteriously popular leader makes decisions based upon Scripture. A nation drained by taxation and endless war. A city where your rights are taken away to better protect you. A neighborhood of gasoline shortages, curfews and segregation. Where your next door neighbor is arrested without charge because of his accent. And your family is taken from you because they dared to object.


Burning Books on Fenwick Street has drawn comparisons to Fahrenheit 451, 1984 and Animal Farm. Readers have expressed amazement as events portrayed in the novel have become reality. Set in America's near future, where the voters have been manipulated into making a very poor choice, this dystopian novel interweaves the issues of terrorism, religion, and our rights as a people with a suspenseful story of one man's flight from the very society he helped create.

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Just an election or two away.....

A new president tampers with the Bill of Rights, and John Kolzig's life gradually changes. As the protections of the US Constitution are nullified to help fight our wars against terrorism, crime and drugs, Kolzig finds himself living in a land of deportations, surveillance and rebellion. AIDS patients are sent to camps; foreigners are expelled; abortion, smoking, guns and alcohol are outlawed; the races are segregated; and white militias rule the countrysides now that they have a sympathetic ear in the White House. On Fenwick Street, the Block Deacon keeps an eye on John and his neighbors lest they break a Commandment, and the local library is purged of impure ideas during a grand book-burning.

Kolzig accepts these changes because they hardly affect him. But when he commitBurning Books on Fenwick Streets a felony by falling in love with another man's wife, his only prayer is a desperate trip to freedom aboard a modern Underground Railroad, a journey of betrayal and self-realization. And, to Kolzig's shock, his unexpected guide is a wily dwarf, the best mule on the railroad, a tiny hero of historic proportions.

Burning Books on Fenwick Street revisits the apocolyptic legend of the infamous Turner Diaries and explores the loosely-woven fabric of modern American society in an age of racism, terrorism, and weapons of mass deception.

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Key Monster

A Novel of Key West

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